An insight to the best workout headphones in 2018, take a peep!

Are you looking for best workout headphones 2018? Luckily, here is a guide offering you an insight about workout headphone.

Jaybird X3

This headphone offers a perfect combination of sound quality, durability, comfort, design, and fit. They are available at affordable prices is another amazing fact. The X3s feature foam ear tips, three silicone ear tips and silicone ear fins that will offer the right fit to everyone. In addition, it is extra comfortable as the ear tips are in foam and this also offers sound isolation. Wear X3s as under-ear or over-ear, while working out or running as it keeps the cable out of your way.

The audio quality of the X3s is the best. Jaybird allows changing the earphones EQ using a dedicated app. if you need more bass, you can do the changes. Want higher mids, can change it. Changing EQ alters the earphones firmware, so switching to Bluetooth devices means the EQ setting remains the same.

Bose SoundSport Free

This headphone is expensive. They offer a convenient fit that is secure decently. The silicone ear tips are the ones that usually appear on Bose products that do not strain your ears. They are a huge design that they feel heavy and stick out of your ears. This may be difficult unless you are into cross-training hardcore workouts that this earbuds weight may go unaffected.

The stability of Bluetooth is solid. The doors, walls and people do not get in between. The earbuds connection is good. The sound quality is good; there is a remote system that cannot be found in many competitors in the same range. They give on a single charge 5 hours indicating decent battery life, plus the case carrying offers an additional 10 hours.

Beats Powerbeats3

The Powerbeats3 are highly popular headphones. These offer super secure fit, good audio quality, and great battery life. They are ideal choice headphones for intense workouts and gym use but are also fine as regular use earphones.

The PB3 price is moderately high, but there are deals announced all the time that you can get at reasonable prices. They offer good fit wrapping around your ear. Even doing CrossFit keeps the wrap secure. However, some people find the earbuds do not seal completely their ear canal and so it does not provide the required sound isolation. Thus, it is recommended to try the fit as the fit is not universal.

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