Easy Positions To Burp A Baby

Burping a baby is one of the mandates until the baby is 6 months old. Infants do not have the reflexes and nerves developed to burp. Their valves inside the food canal do not operate maturely like adults. That is why even if air mixed with milk gets trapped in the tummy and bloats the tummy, yet the babies lack the natural instinct and mechanism to burp by themselves. That is why babies can’t get relief by letting out trapped air in stomach on their own, and needs this help from the mommy or some adult. Hence it’s a must that mothers of newborns learn how to burp a baby.

How to burp a baby

There are two popular positions and methods to burp a baby. One is by sitting the baby on your lap, and the next is by resting the baby on your shoulder. Both are effective however different babies react different to them, thereby making one of the positions more effective for some babies, while some are okay with both.

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Seated on the lap burping

After feeding the baby you have to make the baby sit on your lap by supporting the neck and head of the baby with your one hand, while placing the other hand with palm open on the upper abdomen of the baby. As the baby is made to sit, pressure builds on the stomach, and when you lightly press the abdomen with your other palm, the trapped air in food canal gets released as the burp. The burp may be a little loud or too small to notice. It just takes one or few seconds for the baby to burp, and immediately after that you may lie down the baby on a side.

Over the shoulder burping

For this style you must pick up the baby high in air, and then rest the baby on your shoulder with stomach down and pressing on your shoulder bone. As the baby is rested on your shoulder, the body weight of the infant on the shoulder helps release the trapped air. The baby automatically burps.

Sometimes the baby may need a little assistance in the form of light patting or firm rubbing on the back in both the positions. And that clears before you how to burp a baby.

Burping is very important

While you are keen to know how to burp a baby you must also know that this is a mandate step for the well being and safety of the baby. If the baby is not burped, then the baby may get serious colic pain due to the trapped air in stomach and intestines, or the fed milk may reverse flow and come out of the baby’s mouth and nostrils. Thus burping is very important till 6 months.

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