The first baby toys that you need to consider

Taking care of a baby is a new task to all new parents and they need to figure out the best possible way to do this. The parent needs to create a routine of feeding time, nap time and play time as well. Finding the best first baby toys is a challenging task especially for babies aged less than six months. During this period of birth up to six months the baby is still learning and discovering new things. During the first few weeks the baby will be asleep most of the time but after a while they will start staying awake for longer periods of time. The parent needs to identify these awake moments and keep the baby busy with a bunch of toys to play with. Consider an air rifle for your kid to improve their hand eye coordination.

 At this stage babies are excited by the new tastes and sounds. The first baby toys therefore that should be purchased should be toys that evoke or stimulate their sense of hearing, taste and touch. The toys should also be bright and appealing. Toys in bright colours like yellow, red and blue are therefore ideal as they draw attention. The best first baby toys should also be made of simple designs and in contrasting colours.

Bouncer Seats and Swings

When registering or purchasing items for your baby include baby swings or bouncer seats. These toys are ideal for teaching your new-born various skills. Majority of these toys are multipurpose with features that can be altered hence keeping the baby preoccupied for a long duration of time as they try to figure it out. The toys might be a bit costly but the good news is that they will be around for a long time during which they will teach your baby very many different things.

Playmats or Play Gyms

At first the baby might only be interested in observing the toys but after a while they are curious to find out what can be done using the toys. They will want to see how far the toy can move while keenly observing your movements. The play mats are ideal for playtime when the baby will require some tummy time as they explore their toys. Tummy time is very essential to your baby’s health as they assist in the development of neck and arm muscles. When the muscles in the neck and arms are properly developed the baby will use them in other skills requiring movement like talking and crawling.

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